Helping each patient find their perfect smile is what Varinos Dental is all about. We’re always happy to accommodate the unique aspects of each individual’s dental history. So whether you’re considering a cosmetic enhancement such as porcelain veneers, or you have a medical condition that requires special attention, Varinos Dental’s team of expert professionals can tailor a solution that’s just right for you.

What Our Patients Are Saying

Dr. Eash does an exceptional job at explaining and pointing out on x-rays my teeth during the comprehensive exam. I have never experienced such a detailed examination – he takes the time needed and also explains in detail what he is doing along the way, while the work is being performed. The office is very, very clean and everybody is very kind and happy to be working there – very nice to see!
–Lucy, Watertown

I was completely satisfied with my care, the doctor was compassionate and caring. He was very competent in all the work I had done. Also the complete staff was extremely friendly and competent. I would say it was as very satisfying experience. Thank you all
–Ronald, Winthrop

First of all I was very happy how everyone tried to make me feel at ease. Also the professional manner in which my situation was handled was greatly appreciated. For the first time in my life I have a sense of comfort. Thanks again to all involved
–Michael, Medford

From my first phone call, with Arthur, I felt this office took time with patients. When I got to the office I was met by Diana. She made me feel very relaxed and at ease with everything. Then I met Dr. Varinos who also made me feel comfortable. My fear of being tilted back in the dentist chair had me to the point of never going back till I heard about Dr Varinos office. He told me he could work on my teeth in what ever way was comfortable for me unlike a prior dentist. He put my mind at ease about how my next appointment would go. I’m hoping this will be the start of a positive dental experience and a dental office that I’ll have for many years. Everyone in the office seemed very friendly. Maria was able to explain the billing end of things along with how my insurance would work. Thanks to all.
–Medeliner, Swampscott

This message is to thank all the staff at Varinos Dental for the excellent care I received today, Dec 1, 2011! I especially want thank Dianna, Dr Mostowfi, and Julie, you were all fantastic! Thanks for the outstanding care and understanding toward me. I look forward to seeing you again, for routine cleanings and whatever else I need!! Wishing the whole staff Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Your very Grateful Patient,
–Virginia C.

Everything went well today, as usual. I was seen promptly and painlessly. See you in September!!!
–Mauren, Peabody

First time with Heather – she was awesome!!!
–Jennifer, Beverly

I cannot write enough great things about my experiences at Varinos! I’ve only been a patient for about 8 months now, but they’ve changed my outlook on going to the dentist. Very painless and actually enjoyable appointments. It is much better than the past dentist I went to!
–Rachel, Braintree

I had always feared going to the dentist until I went to Varinos Dental Associates. The doctors and entire staff pay particular attention to your comfort and quality of care. After 4 fillings, a tooth extraction, and a root canal done here, I can say their work is superb. You even get your own dental planogram that identifies all current problems and outlines the visits and cost breakdowns with and without insurance that are needed. They also have separate financial and appointment specialists right there to help you out. This place makes going to the dentist seem easy. Thanks to everyone at Varinos Dental.
–James, Burlington

I would like to recognize the kindness and skill of one of your dental assistants, Jerica. I was in the office for a filling yesterday and, as usual, was anxious about having the procedure. I had worked with Dr. P. in the past and was uncomfortable having a new doctor and assistant. Both Dr. Kim and his assistant Jerica were both very kind, patient and skilled. Often the assistants are new and inexperienced, but Jerica was confident and well-trained which reassured me that I was in good hands. Please express my note of thanks to her and Dr. Kim for me.

I came in to your Peabody office for the free consult on 11/23/11. I have not been to dentist in 30 years +, for sheer terror of the thought of dental work. I would like to compliment Dianna, she took my x-rays and did all she could to make me feel as comfortable as possible. I saw a Dr. Lyles, I believe that was he name, bit Dianna stayed with me and comforted me throughout my visit. Varinos dental is very lucky to have her. I was still a wreck, but her kindness was way beyond what I would have expected. I will need continuing dental care after the transplant, and hope that I can stay with your facility. Thanks in advance.
–Virginia (Ginia) Como

Well, I have one big word for this experience: Incredible! For the first time in my 57 years of life I did not experience one second of pain!!! This is actually the “VERY” first time for me going to a dentist and not having a stroke about it! I have to say thank you Dr. Varinos for understanding the ones who fear dentistry the most! Now for continuing on with the second visit in August…I am very excited to say the least about my new “Smile”. Thank you to the Girls for being so patient and kind in helping out the Doctor, this was also very important to me!
–Pam, Peabody

It would have taken many visits to accomplish what took only three visits with sedation. I would have gone through tremendous anxiety without the benefit of sedation as well as the pain associated with the work that was done. It was a very positive experience. I’m grateful that it was available and reasonably affordable!
–Madeline, Everett

The staff is excellent. The dental care is superb. Both the dentist and staff and very helpful. Because of the extent of my oral surgery I felt extremely relieved to have it performed under sedation. I would recommend this method to anyone. Don’t be afraid!
–Jane, East Boston

Because of my fear of the dentist, I regularly went to my dentist, but he continued to fill, patch and repair through the years. As a result, my back teeth (upper and lower) were all fillings. My dentist retired, and it was then I knew that I needed to have some more serious work done. I researched for a dentist who practiced sedation, and Dr. Varinos and his practice came highly recommended. I have had sedation twice, and I can’t explain how relieved I am to find something that works so well. I have no fear anymore. As Dr. Varinos said, “we’ll see you in your dreams.
–Phyllis, Peabody

Everything was excellent. Staff and Dr. Varinos made me feel comfortable…
–Madeline, Everett

It was the most pleasant experience at the dentist I have ever had. . . Thanks. Thanks. Thanks.
–Kerri, Beverly

Everyone there is always so nice! The moment you walk in, everyone is so welcoming. There are no surprises as far as the cost. You know your plan and its expense on the first visit. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance. . .
–Karen, Peabody

Dr. Varinos . . . has done the best work that anyone has done for me ever. If it wasn’t for him, I still would not see a dentist. So thank you so much.
–Nicholas, Lynn

From the first time I spoke to them I felt at ease. Everyone is great. They take the time to listen to your concerns and are very understanding. I was still quite nervous even with the knowledge that I would be sedated, but it was a truly great (!) experience. I highly recommend you and your team to anyone who has any fear of the dentist. Thank you.
–Elaine, Salem

I had a very negative dental experience ten years prior to my first sedation visit with Dr. Varinos. I can’t say enough good things about his team. . . everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and I am confident that I am receiving top of the line dental care. . . I actually LIKE going to the dentist now.
–Amy, Ipswich

Finding this dental office was the best thing I did for myself and my dental health. Thank you!
–Suzanne, New Hampshire

From the moment I walked in the door everyone went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. . . I am not afraid anymore and I owe it to all the wonderful people at Varinos Dental. Thank you!
–Ida, Everett

I have never encountered such friendly staff at any establishment as I did at yours. The staff made me feel as though I had been a patient for several years. As a business owner myself, it is so nice to see staff that are friendly, courteous and that genuinely love their jobs. I will highly recommend Varinos Dental to all my family, friends and staff!
–Heather P.

I had a great experience with the sedation dentistry and by the staff and dentist were really good to me as well! Thanks to all of you for making me feel welcomed.
–Virginia L.

Could not recommend this office more! For someone who has very bad anxiety I could not have been happier with the service I received from Jen my hygienist. Jessica in the office is always extremely personable and a pleasure to work with too!
–Colleen S.

Excellent work and care, as a new patient they made sure my comfort level was a prime concern. Loved it, and happy to continue working with Varinos.
–Carl G.

This was the best dental experience I have ever had. The girls that work there are the friendliest group. After 5 minutes, I felt like I have known them all my life. Truly, thank you for this experience. I will be telling all my friends about this dental office.
–Lisa P.

Dr. Vora is exceptional! This was the first time I had dental work with her. I was extremely nervous because of a bad experience with an oral surgeon in the past. She made me feel at ease and explained everything throughout the crown procedure. She also took the time to know me as a person. Awesome experience overall with all the staff!
–Paula G.

The staff was helpful and friendly and Dr. Varinos explained my dental issues in good detail for me. Given that I have no insurance, the pricing was attractive to me. I had to wait a while for final review of options by a staff person, but that was OK with me.
–Alan F.

I had a “great” experience! My dental hygienist was “fabulous”, so was the doctor that checked my x-rays.
–Robert M.

To a person like myself who really gets nervous with “dentist” visits, I was instantly put at ease. The procedures I had done were thoroughly explained every step of the way. Dr. Varinos was really great with me. The assistant who worked with me was very good. I would recommend Dr Varinos and staff to anyone. Thank you for making a visit to the dentist a not-so-terrible experience!
–Lauren A.

Dr. Pierce was very professional and thorough.
–Ron D.

Miss M Pierce, DMD was a refreshing change from my old dentist of 40 years. Great job Dr. Pierce and crew.
–John M.

I was very impressed with the cozyness and size of the waiting area! The entire office was welcoming and had a friendly feel. I’ve never felt so at ease at a dentist office. I usually have anxiety before and during my appointments.
–Jane S.

All was good. Kim is an excellent hygienist, very nice and extremely patient.
–John M.

We have been treated very professionally and courteously and appreciate the accommodations. Dr Varinos fit Paul into his schedule that worked best for us.
Paul M.

I am very happy with my experience at the office. The sedation worked very well. I am feeling much better about going to the dentist.
–Mike O.

Thank you for welcoming me to your practice. I appreciate your friendliness, expertise and helpfulness. I look forward to my future appointments.
–Katherine P.

Office was clean, staff welcoming and my hygienist Kim was so awesome. I am afraid of having my teeth cleaned and I feel like I calmed right down after meeting her. She did a wonderful job and spent a long time. I plan on staying! Thanks so much! Also, I was shocked it was really the $59. Hones and great value!
–Natalie F.

Many times at dental offices, you feel overwhelmed – you made me feel comfortable.
–Angela T.

Had a wonderful first visit! So impressed by every point of contact! Great customer service! Thank you!
–Karen C.

Thank you all for your friendliness and caring ways. Everything was explained so very nicely and made my visit so very comfortable.
–Christine D.