A crown is a dental restoration that completely covers or “caps” a tooth. It is used in many situations including:

  • Protect a weak tooth from fracturing
  • Restore a tooth that has fractured
  • Replace a large filling when there is not much tooth structure remaining
  • Attach a bridge
  • Cover a dental implant
  • Cover a poorly shaped or discolored tooth
  • Cover a tooth after a root canal treatment

Crowns are made of various materials including metal alloys, ceramics, porcelain, composite resin, or a combination of these materials.

Generally two visits are needed for a crown. The first visit is to prepare the tooth. Then an impression is made to provide a model of the tooth. At this visit, the dentist will place a temporary cap until the final crown is made. When the final crown is ready, the dentist places the crown, makes any necessary adjustments and cements it in place.

Dental Bridge

Bridges are commonly used to replace one or more missing teeth. They span the space where the teeth are missing. Bridges are cemented to the natural teeth or implants surrounding the empty space. These teeth, called abutments, serve as anchors for the bridge. With regular care, your fixed bridge can last up to ten years or more.

A bridge is used to:

  • Restore and maintain the natural bite
  • Prevent unnatural stress on other teeth
  • Keep opposing teeth in their proper place
  • Prevent shifting and tilting of adjacent teeth
  • Discourage further dental decay and periodontal disease
  • Enhance your smile, speech and chewing function

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